Ever hear of indentured servitude? It’s a historical concept that means you’re basically working for free to pay off some obligation (like a share-cropper). Ever just make your minimum credit card debt payments every month and feel like you are just spinning your wheels? Sometimes the two seem eerily similar.  

There are millions of Americans who need credit card debt help now more than ever. With over $2 trillion of revolving consumer debt, and over $60 billion of credit card debt getting “charged off” as uncollectible every year, it just seems like the magnitude of the credit card debt epidemic keeps growing, gobbling up more and more American families every day. So what can you do and where should you turn to get credit card debt help? Looking in the mirror is a good place to start.  

The first thing you should do is to have a gut-check. Figure out how much of your money is going to interest and fees and then decide if you are comfortable with that amount. The next step is to do some serious budgeting and cash flow analysis. Sit down and review your expenses, dividing them into buckets to help you understand where your money is going.  

If you decide that you do need credit card debt help, you should seek professional counseling. This means that you must understand your needs (is it more important to save the most money, get the lowest payment, or to preserve your credit score) and then find the solution that fits best for you. Since no one program is best for everyone, shop around and do your homework. Once you determine which solution is best for you, then find reputable service provider or debt help companies that can provide the credit card debt help that you need.  

Since many companies offer many different types of credit card debt help, it is important for you to find a good one. It is rarely fun to go out seeking credit card debt help, but it may be the first step to gaining financial independence and to losing the shackles of credit card debt that can make you feel like an indentured servant to your creditors.  

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